Veronica Yow

Basking in the sun on a winter day,

A strong breeze brings chill to the bones,

Some things make you warm and tender,

Some give you the chills,

How is it possible to embrace both at the same time or at different times?

The Earth beneath you, relentless,

helping you to hold your ground.

Feel the Water around you, pushing in the stream or

through the cracks beneath the ice,

finding its way, no matter what,

flowing to where it should be.

Feel the Sky above you,

the vastness giving you all the space

you need to hold whatever it is

that might come your way.

When you feel the slightest trouble, all you need to do

is feel the Earth, the Water,

the Sky,

the Air, the Fire,

all around you,

holding you with all of their might.

Feel their embrace, feel their power,

feel their love.



Veronica Yow

Veronica Yow

Lover of nature & Malaysian food, constantly pondering how might we connect with nature esp. in Asia so that nature becomes the inspiration for everything we do